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Student Loan Debt Is Bad For Mental Health, And These Stats Prove it

It may sound obvious, but debt can be a major strain on a person’s mental health. So, it’s interesting that a recent study is among the first to explore the link between student loans and a.

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These lasting effects of student loans have raised the issue of the student-debt crisis as such a pressing issue. It is important for students to be aware and prepared for the effects their loans will have on their lives.

There is a distinction between debt, some types of debt are not bad and are often necessary at times for e.g. a home loan, a student loan or an emergency. also takes a significant toll on one’s.

Students are struggling to cope with rising tuition costs and high debt loads. The mental wellbeing of students is not the only area affected by steep tuition and loans-their parents’ lives are also altered. For example, parents are postponing retirement and taking on additional debt to help put their children through school or pay off loans.

Among consumer debt, only mortgages exceed the amount of student loan debt. In today’s economy where stagnant wages and zooming tuition costs are causing student loan debt to skyrocket, the mental health stresses brought on by student loan debt – often amplified by credit card and car loan debt – are more powerful than ever.

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Student debt could be bad for your health. Specifically, for your mental health. There has been limited research into the impacts of accumulating debt as a student or starting your working life.

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Student Loans Are Bad For Your Health, Too Bad They Won’t Just Go Away. the crippling pressure of student debt is bad for graduates’ well-being.. how the burden of student loans affects.

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