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Implementing a care pathway for spatial neglect to improve stroke outcomes

Stroke care pathways have been introduced as a method to promote organised and efficient patient care that is based on best evidence and guidelines.

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Methods The effects of visual neglect were studied prospectively in 150 consecutive stroke patients with comparable stroke pathology and motor severity managed on a stroke unit. A randomized study was subsequently undertaken in 50 stroke patients with visual neglect to evaluate the effectiveness of spatial cueing during motor activity on.

Implementing a care pathway for spatial neglect to improve stroke outcomes 14 May 2019 Dr. Barrett is a cognitive neurologist, is director of the

Occupational Therapy Assessment and Findings. Strong evidence supports visual scanning training (VST) for people with stroke. In the area of motor impairment, strong evidence supports using repetitive task training (RTP) to improve UE function, balance, and mobility and activity and participation for clients with motor impairments.

Medical Rehabilitation Outcomes for Stroke, Traumatic. Evans A, Perez I, Knapp M, Donaldson N, Swift CG. Alternative strategies for stroke care: a prospective randomised controlled trial.. Dewey M. Cognitive rehabilitation for spatial neglect following stroke. Cochrane Database Syst Rev.

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Care pathways aim to promote evidence- and guideline-based care, improve the organisation and efficiency of care, and reduce cost. In the past decade, care pathways have been increasingly implemented as a tool in acute stroke care and stroke rehabilitation.

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Stroke Care Pathways (SCPs) aim to improve quality of care by providing better access to stroke units, rehabilitation centres, and home care for dependent patients. The objective of this study was to identify the main barriers to effective implementation of SCPs in France. We selected 4 types of SCPs currently implemented in France that differed in terms of geographical location, population.

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Implementing a care pathway for spatial neglect to improve stroke outcomes Stroke researchers strive to close the implementation gap for spatial neglect care East Hanover, NJ.

integrated care pathways in stroke management [9-20]. Four described methods of developing and implementing pathways in stroke care but did not measure outcome or undertake comparisons with controls [9-12]. One paper with a small sample size (n = 32) described a care pathway managed either by primary nurses or a case manager in two unmatched

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