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For foreign wives of Saudi Arabian men, legal limbo sometimes awaits

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However, many Saudi men are reluctant to marry doctors and nurses, who have been exposed to male bodies. A man can divorce his wife simply by saying ‘I divorce you’ three times. He can rescind the divorce if this was done in the heat of the moment, but only if the wife agrees (and only on three occasions!).

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Al Ghazal said: “Inspecters, numbering 312, of various Arab nationalities are assigned to complete the census assignment in Sharjah and they usually carry out their work between 5pm and 9pm. Sometimes.

Manama: A man in Saudi Arabia charged with slapping his wife was sentenced to 10 days in prison and 30 lashes. The court in Al Qateef in the Eastern Province said that the wife could witness the flogging in retribution for the physical pain her husband caused her, Saudi daily Al Sharq reported on Wednesday.

Countless Saudi women who face strained marital relations are left in a limbo when their husbands simply abandon them for lengthy periods, shirking their responsibility as husbands and fathers.

Saudi women are turning to foreigners for stability and security in the marital world.Many say they would rather marry foreigners to ensure that the marriage doesn’t end in divorce or polygamy.

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Polygamy in saudi arabia. polygamous marriages are legally recognized in Saudi Arabia, in accordance with Islamic Sharia law, which allows for Muslim men to take up to four wives, considering that he treats them equally. This Saudi Arabia related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

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Divorce in Saudi Arabia No matter how many reports you read about the rise in numbers of divorce cases in Saudi Arabia, it still remains a dirty word that Saudis are taught not to even contemplate. For my generation and those younger, there is a growing number who rebel.

Saudi Arabia is controlled by a sect of Islam known as Wahabism (Islam has 73 sects). They claim to be true Muslims and practice the values of the prophet, but they do not, as many often marry more than the allowed 4 wives. The rest of the Muslim population do not acknowledge the royal family as Muslims.

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